Why Buy This Spring?

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Spring symbolizes new birth, rejuvenation. With the sunshine here in Oklahoma finally breaking through the chilling winds, we are seeing another refreshing year in the housing market. Spring is springing and mortgage interest rates are staying low!

As more homes enter the market, you as a potential buyer have an extra advantage than usual. More choices of homes available to you and better yet, the interest rates are super low. You can buy $50,000 more house for the same monthly payment or buy the same house and save more than $74,000 in the long run compared to the average interest rate over the last 30 years nationwide.

This is great news for buyers and sellers alike. Lower interest rates open the market to those who wanted or needed a bigger house than they could afford with a high monthly payment. Selling your home may be easier with so many available buyers and buying a home is obviously a more affordable and appealing option than it may have been before. Home values are rising and now is a great time to invest in your future and kick your Spring off with a fresh move!

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