Spring Home Maintenance

Spring Home Maintenance

Spring has sprung! Even if your home isn’t on the market this spring, here are some friendly reminders for spring cleaning home maintenance. These tips will help you get the most out of your home now and hopefully later when you choose to sell. A well maintained home will shine through even in a flooded market!

Encouraging Energy Efficiency

  • Have the AC Inspected

Why wait until the Oklahoma summer heat is sweltering? Call a certified technician to come out to check & clean your air conditioner ahead of time. Proper maintenance extends the life of your unit and ensures maximum efficiency for minimum cost. Ask that the technician check the drains. While cleaning this out could cost some money, it needs to be done periodically.

  • Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

While a nice programmable thermostat may cost you up to $150 initially, you can save a lot on energy bills. Utilizing the thermostat’s schedule feature will allow your home to be maintained at an efficient, higher temperature during the day and begin cooling down for you when you are arriving home after work.

  • Seal the Gaps

Keep all your energy savings inside! If your caulking is dry & cracked, consider removing it and re-applying to ensure a proper seal. Otherwise, you may be able to get away with merely touching up any places where the caulk has come up or chipped off. If your windows need sealing, you may want to use a window putty to seal the panes as well. A good rule of thumb is that any gaps wider than a nickel should be filled.

Defer Drainage Dilemmas

  • Inspect Roof for Damage & Potential Leaks

Doing this before spring’s torrential rains could potentially save you a lot of money, hassle, and water damage. As you may know, Oklahoma’s spring storms can feature flash flooding, torrential downpours, gale force winds, and hail. You want your roof to be in as good of shape as possible beforehand so that it will hopefully not be compromised except in a dire situation.

  • Clean Gutters

Get up there and scrape out those gutters (or hire someone else to)! All the seeds from trees could be clogging the spouts, making it difficult for water to drain away from your foundation properly. Consider further investing in corrugated plastic hose attachments to divert water safely away from your foundation.

Outstanding Outsides

  • Wash the Windows

Let that beautiful spring sun shine through! You won’t notice how dirty your windows were until you cleared them of all the smudges, dirt, & dust!

  • Pressure Wash

Rent or borrow a pressure washer if you don’t own one or hire a company to come clean the exterior of your home for you. Make sure you know what setting to use for the exterior of your home so as to not cause any damage.

  • Touch Up Paint

Whether you need to paint the whole exterior or simply touch up, nothing will spruce up the outside like a slick, fresh coat of paint!

  • Fill In Cracks

Find some Quickrete or hire someone to fill in the cracks in your driveway, garage, sidewalks and walk-ways. Cracks are distracting to the eye and will detract from all the work you have put on the curb appeal of your home!

We hope you found these tips helpful! Adding a few tasks to your spring cleaning routine will not only help you keep your home thoroughly cleaned inside and out but ensure that its proper maintenance will give you a good return in the future!

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