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If you’re thinking about buying a new construction home in Edmond, you may be considering a newish construction home, maybe built in the 1990’s. This doesn’t seem as though it would be an issue, but let me explain.

Edmond grew substantially during this timeframe and as more jobs moved into the city, there was a big building boom. With so many more buyers than homes, builders/developers didn’t have to add a lot of great features in order to get a home sold. This doesn’t mean that they weren’t great homes, but some builders were good and some were simply adequate.  New construction homes in Edmond have a quality that pre-building boom Edmond homes have. Once the supply could catch up to the demand, the features a home offered became more important than simply having the house completed. Around 2000, some builders had more motivation to upgrade new construction homes in Edmond as soon as the demand slowed down.

Builders and developers improved homes by investing in the foundation, kitchen, baths, and more. They opened up the floor plans, switched from dedicated formal dining rooms to flexible rooms capable of being used as offices and more. Raised ceilings, enlarged windows, and energy efficiency as well as strictly aesthetic upgrades such as the change from formica to solid surface counters and the switch from brass or gold hardware to oil rubbed bronze or pewter.

When looking to buy a new construction home in Edmond, or even anywhere, consider the market trends in the area or consult a licensed Realtor to ask questions. Consider the option of buying an older home with good bones and bringing it up to date with your own customized updates. There are many factors that may affect the quality of the home you’re considering. It’s our job to be familiar with real estate trends that affect you and inform you! If you’re looking at a new construction home for sale in Edmond, or even elsewhere, we’d be glad to point you in the right direction!

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