Easy and Inexpensive Home Updates for Spring


Spring is Here!! Although home values have been increasing nationwide this year, the market in the Oklahoma City Metro is still generally in favor of Buyers. With the competition in inventory, it is so important that your home for sale is in an acceptable condition and is as “show ready” as possible to give you an edge on other available homes. However, you don’t want to find yourself spending money on an update that you will not see a return on.

Watch this great video from Yahoo!’s Financially Fit featuring Sabrina Soto, a design & lifestyle expert. Sabrina goes over 6 projects that will help you get the best return of investment this spring market without spending too much time or money. Even if your home is not for sale, these great tips will help you make your home look its very best!

6 Lazy – But Valuable – Home Improvement Projects

Anya Taschereau
Licensed Realtor
The Allen Real Estate Group

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