Does Your Agent Represent You?


If this seems familiar, you need to reconsider.

So what does a good buyer’s agent do?
A good buyer’s agent will CARE!


A buyer’s agent represents you and your interests, but they can’t read your mind! Be clear to your agent what role you expect them to play in your home purchase. Do you want them to send you suggested listings? Or would you rather look through listings on your own and simply have them there to answer questions and show the property? A good agent will stay in touch with you. When you’re both on the same page, your agent will be able to understand your needs.

Act in Your Interest

Your real estate agent should be working for you and ensuring that you are satisfied with your home purchase. If you feel that your agent is pushing you into something that may be more representative of their best interests (such as a bonus offered on a certain home), it may be time to walk away and find someone else.

Respectfully Guide You

Your agent should be able to offer you constructive criticism while you’re looking at houses as well as during the inspection period. They are the professional and it is their job to be available and honest with any questions you may have. Sometimes, buyers get excited and may be in over their heads on what they can afford or what they are willing to repair and update. A good buyer’s agent will be aware of these needs and should remind you in a respectful manner.

Empower You

A good agent will empower you with the resources and tools you need to be a confident buyer. One of the benefits of looking with a good buyer’s agent is that they will utilize all kinds of resources such as school reports, crime statistics, and pull comparable properties that have sold and what they sold for. Buying a house is a big decision but a good agent will make sure that you are comfortable with your decision and satisfied with your home transaction.

There you have it! A Buyer’s Agent should CARE and if they don’t, it may be time to call us!
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Anya Taschereau
The Allen Group

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