7 Simple Steps to Increase the Value of Your Home

Selling a home can be a bumpy roller-coaster ride. Being prepared for this ride will give a direct advantage in selling your home. Before you decide to put your house on the market  follow these simple suggestions to help increase value of your home.

1.Home Inspection

Having a home inspection done before you put your home on the market, will drastically put you at an advantage. Normally, a home inspection will be done after a Buyer is interested and negotiating. If the results of the inspection are less than the Buyer’s expectations, then you’re at risk of them walking away from the sale. By doing an inspection first, you arm yourself with the knowledge of exactly what does, or doesn’t, need to be repaired, replaced or updated. This, averts any issues that may cause  loss of the sale, as a result of the inspection.

If you are unsure on who to contact for a home inspection, The Allen Real Estate Group recommends…


John Buntz, Smart House Consultants

OK Home Inspector (License #132)

OK Home Insurance Adjuster (License #99641)

HERS Rater (#053)
E-mail: john@inspectingoklahoma.com


Clutter can accumulate over time in a home ; it’s time to get organized! An un-organized and cluttered entrance way, yard,  or room  is an immediate turn-off to any potential Buyers. Clutter says to a Buyer that this home is not well-maintained or doesn’t provide enough storage.Create storage that is not visible, in closets, under beds, or even utilizing a storage inside a coffee table or ottoman. It may be worth investing in a storage unit as well. Any organization materials (such as bins) should also be visually pleasing. In other words organized , not just full of random things that were thrown in. Create visual space in your home by removing or storing  any personal items( such as kid’s toys) from the room before it’s shown to a potential Buyer. Remove any excess furniture  that could be making your space look smaller rather than larger. You want the buyer to be able to look at the space from wall to wall without interruption,this creates the illusion of openness in the home.

Not sure who to call to optimize your space?


Oklahoma Impressions  Home Staging LLC

TEL: (405)-200-1832
FAX: (405)-708-5324
PO Box 721881
Oklahoma City
OK 73172


3. Frugal Updates

The key here is not to go overboard. It can be easy to update your home without spending too much money. Remember to match the Buyer expectations, they may not expect Granite counter tops, a top of the line Range, or all new hardwood floors. Updating your home is a chance to work with what you have, and replace what isn’t appealing.There is a huge savings to be had with a few do-it-yourself  projects! Remember your buyer will appreciate top of the line, but it’s rarely a “deal breaker”.

1.Painting you cabinets, or refinishing them can be a great frugal alternative to replacing cabinetry.(Average $25/gal)


2.Add a Water filtration system to you kitchen.($20-$300)


3. Remove Popcorn on ceiling! ( this one of the number one things that will make your home look outdated)($10-$20)


4. Invent-A-Room

Do you have two dining rooms or an extra “game/activity” room? One of the easiest ways to increase the value of your home is creating a new room. Instead of marketing your home as having a “Formal Dining Room”ask your Realtor to assess whether it could be counted as a bedroom.            ( i.e. 3 bed to a 4 bed) .The best way to execute this step is to get with a Realtor , have them walk your home and discuss what an appealing option may be.

5. Seating Areas

If you’re unsure about “Inventing- a- Room”, then here is an alternative step that can be combined or  done separate.  Invent a seating area in your home ; add a patio set on your back porch to create an outside dining area, or create a reading nook in an empty corner.This is a simple solution to creating space out of what you have. A patio set or chair could run you anywhere from $15 to $300. Seek out garage sales, estate sales, discount furniture stores, consignment shops, or relatives with furniture to spare or give away.


It’s safe to say that the entrance to your home is the first impression to any potential Buyer , so make it look welcoming. Potted plants ($4-$25) are a simple solution to this. Any local plant nursery or retail super-center will have what you’re looking for. Group these pots together in threes and fives, try to obtain a variety of colors to add visual interest.  To see more about landscaping see our earlier blog post Landscaping For Cheap.


 7. Roll up those Sleeves!

Elbow grease goes a long way, when preparing your home for a sale. Do your best to shine all faucets,sweep, mop, vacuum, and generally tidy things up. A clean home is a sign to your buyer that you value and respect your home enough to maintain it.In the Buyers eyes, the more visually appealing the better. Details that can be easily overlooked will make a respectable difference in the impression left by your home. Details, Details, Details!

All of these things will not only increase the value of your home, but will also help facilitate your sale in some way.The number one thing you can do to help yourself in the sale of your home is HIRE A REALTOR! The Allen group has plenty of resources for you to tap into! If you’re considering listing your home for sale, call us today @405-509-9350 to schedule your own NO-OBLIGATION, pre-listing presentation and assessment!

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