Why Buy This Spring?

Spring symbolizes new birth, rejuvenation. With the sunshine here in Oklahoma finally breaking through the chilling winds, we are seeing another refreshing year in the housing market. Spring is springing and mortgage interest rates are staying low! As more homes enter the market, you as a potential buyer have an extra advantage than usual. More Read More

Renting vs. Buying

Lately, I felt like my piggy bank was feeling a little empty inside (ha, ha). I personally have been renting for a couple of years and buying a house wasn’t something I thought could save me money. Even though I work in real estate, I thought of it as being out of reach for me. Read More

Increased Mortgage Payments?

When I Googled April 18th to confirm some hearsay, I learned that April 18th was the day when the American Revolution began in 1775 and the day it ended in 1783.That’s an interesting fact albeit a little antiquated; I have some more recent April 18th based news for this year. Word of mouth isn’t always Read More

New Construction Homes in Edmond

If you’re thinking about buying a new construction home in Edmond, you may be considering a newish construction home, maybe built in the 1990’s. This doesn’t seem as though it would be an issue, but let me explain. Edmond grew substantially during this timeframe and as more jobs moved into the city, there was a Read More